To approach Jean Plence's paintings, (aka Janplence), is to meet the magic of the image, to pass beyond the simple esthetic of the subject. 

Freed from stereotype and preconceived notions,overlapping shapes and colors bring to volumes a vitality where poetry is ever-present.

His favorite subjects, high perched villages of Provence and Maghreb, bring to life an imaginary world where subtlety vies with sensitivity.

One cannot remain unmoved before a body of work that refuses to be classified in any current.



email :


" Atelier-Ouvert ", 37 rue haute, 84210 VENASQUE

Tél.   +33 (0)4 90 29 67 76 

mob. +33 (0)6 08 25 19 91


Huiles sur Toile

Light of the 2 shores

Oil paintings

Janplence's evocative landscapes, when rendered in oils, express a vitality enabled by the unique tool of the palette knife, ignoring detail, sculpting impasto forms and interweaving areas of solid color, made in the exaltation of creation.


His high perched villages, cypress and pines, vibrate in dazzling colors, crushed by heat.


Wishing to translate the richness of the ochres from his ever-present memories of the Saharian region, Ksour and Casbah, Janplence uses a vivid palette and the warmest nuances to infuse with their light, that of the heart, this junction between two shores of the Mediterranean, the Maghreb and the Provence.

To have a look at some of his artwork, click on "Huiles sur Toile".




Hand in hand with the drawing from inception, watercolors support and build the silhouette of the subject ; the white of the paper, quite present, permits an ethereal approach to the landscape, whose contours are sometimes underlined by a bold stroke, sometimes suspended in space by the obliteration of the pencil.

These watercolors, created on the spot, always precede the oil paintings done later in the workshop.


To have a look at some of his artwork, click on "Aquarelles".



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